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02 November 2006 @ 11:20 pm
I hate being cold. I'm sittin in our dining room wearing a vest, a tshirt and a jacket, plus gloves, and I'm still cold (obviously I have pants and two pairs of socks on). Typing with numb fingers is a bitch. I'd be ok if dad ever gets around to sorting out our wireless so I can actually get online with <i>my</i> computer, my bedroom's surprisingly warm, even when it's -1 outside.

On a much better note, may I introduce Spike...

we finally decided on a name (yay us). It's a big name for a small dog (he's currently the same size as our cat and he fits perfectly underneath our other puppy when they're both standing). Spike has developed an obsession with biting my knees and also chewing my laces when I'm still wearing the shoes. Little git. But he's far too cute to be mad with. Apparently, he's big for his age (10 weeks), so says the vet, so he may end up bigger than we thought. He's also totally the boss of Logan our other puppy (who's 6 months old), which is always amusing.

And with this, I'm off to snuggle under my duvet, with a puppy at my feet like a hot water bottle.
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